Message from the President

J-M MFG. CO., LTD., established in 1974, has aided the development of the packaging industry and the creation of products that satisfy customers' needs. We uphold a motto of "Contribution to the creation of an earth-friendly environment." Our company's excellent creativity and corporate capacity enables us to respond to rapid developments in technology. We hope to assist our customers with our experience and achievements accumulated over the years.

Forever filling the future

From medicine, cosmetics, and chemical products to food and daily essentials, the demand for tube type packaging continues to increase. Not only do materials range from metals, plastics, and laminates, but designs and sizes vary as well. J-M MFG. Co., Ltd., was established in 1974 as an engineering company that specializes in tube and jar filling machines. Since then, through countless achievements, we have successfully positioned ourselves as one of Japan's leading companies in the field. Our constant pursuit of state-of-the-art technology allows us to support the delivery of high-quality, user-friendly products. We also respond flexibly and meticulously to the individual demands of our customers, altering specifications and providing product maintenance as necessary depending on the characteristics of the filling materials. With an aim to create filling machines that satisfy both diverse manufacturers' needs and the needs of quality-conscious consumers, we continue to focus on pioneering the future.

Our untiring efforts have produced excellent technology

Precision, reliability, speed, compactness, simplicityムthese are just some of the areas in which today's users demand higher levels of excellence. In order to respond to these individual demands, J-M MFG. Co., Ltd., has adopted a total design concept that increases performance through the smooth connection and harmonization of each of the separate machine parts. This dramatically new concept has not only doubled productivity, but has enabled us to achieve a higher level of safety and design quality. We also incorporated a self- examination function. Machines can be run by a single operator. Label folding and insertion into metal tubes is a unique technology that our company prides itself on. Since the most important part of a machine is the cam, we are always considering new ways in which to utilize the cam to meet the specific needs of our customers. Speedy service is our motto.

Ongoing R&D for high performance machines for the next generation

Tube products of the past were mostly limited to ointment, toothpaste, and paints. But nowadays, they range from cosmetics, bath and toiletry goods, chemical products such as shoe polish and glue to foods, including spices and mayonnaise. The variety of applications is endless. What kind of fillings will appear in the future? What designs, shapes or materials will be necessary? We at J-M MFG. Co., Ltd., are devoted to continuous and comprehensive R&D that reflects today's trends. For example, our company has complied with the higher levels of precision required in filling pastes by drawing on unique technological strengths and development capabilities. All this is a continuation of our steady research efforts to improve performance. Night and day, we spare no effort to provide better products.

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